The Last Days of Charles/Kathryn


A portrait of Texas’ most famous transsexual, Kathryn McGuire (who unfortunately passed away in 2011) before and after she goes “under the knife.”

Behind the scenes:

“Folks operating outside of what our society considers ‘normal’ tend to be very shy, retiring people.  On the contrary, McGuire had no problems functioning as the head of a construction company.  When I met her, she was already dressing full-time. She’s incredibly powerful and courageous.

There is one scene —­­ I should have kept it — where we are in her house, and she is pissed off about something. I was asking her about all her illegal activities again and she let me have it, shouting: ‘I’m doing all the talking, revealing myself; and you never say anything!’” –B.H.


Screenings: The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, The East Village Theater; Award-winner, Sinking Creek Film Festival; Televised on PBS.