Feb 11

RIP Kathryn McGuire

February 07, 2011

This news of Kathryn’s death is hard to believe. When I knew her in the early ’90s she was a force to contend with. Half horse, half alligator; at our first meeting, she threatened to drive her six inch stiletto heel through my brain!

Despite a rough start, Kathryn persuaded me to film her daily life during the time she was preparing for surgery to become a “new woman”. Together we filmed at social events in Houston, a drag race, at her home with local transvestites and finally in England where she had the operation. The film, The Last days of Charles/ Kathryn was screened on PBS and won some awards.

I remember Kathryn as a great soul unafraid to live life to the fullest. Her closet shall forever remain empty.

~Brian Huberman

[You can preview Brian’s film on Kathryn here:]