New Photos

The BH Productions crew is back from their recent trek in the New Mexcio desert. Narrowly escaping heat stroke and mountain lion encounters, they brought back with them the following memories (both good and bad):

Cynthia Meets Balancing Rock

Balancing Rocks near the Mimbres River.

In need of a rest.

Flat mesa above the balancing rocks. Cooke’s peak can be seen above my hat brim. (Like the moving mountain in Larry McMurtry’s book, “The Wandering Hill”, Cooke’s peak seems to be everywhere when hiking in Apacheria.) The wind blew up while we rested on this plateau making Jerry Eagan, the guide feel that the “spirits” were unhappy with my visit.

Fort Cummings cemetery in the shadow of Cooke’s peak. A terrible place!  The marker is the gravesite of four US soldiers of the California column killed in the vicinity by Apaches in 1866.

Get in the duck!
Fort Seldon near Las Cruces. Very, very hot! The park rangers at the tourist center are anti-Geronimo & favor instead the more esoteric Victorio and Nana. Of course they do. Geronimo was way too fierce and unwilling to conform to the noble savage stereotype. His credo might have been, “Kill them all, kill them all!” Finally, what did paratroopers scream when leaping into the void during WW II? Victorio? Nana? It was Geronimo they cried!

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