Film Diary 2

This week, Brian Huberman (BH) productions are off in Silver City, New Mexico to continue filming for the work-in-progress, Geronimo Country.

The crew will meet up with Jerry Eagan, explorer and Vietnam War veteran, who is responsible for guiding the filmmakers through all of the Geronimo-country they have seen so far.

This trip, Brian hopes to learn more about Eagan’s past as a volunteer infantrymen in the Vietnam War. Clearly, his experience as a point man, moving through the jungle, on the lookout for “the enemy” has very interesting resonance with the less visible subjects of the film: the Apache Indians, like Geronimo, who once roamed this now fenced landscape freely.

Eagan maintains a website, Hiking Apacheria, which he uses to sell photographs from his treks in this historically signficant landscape.

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