Jul 09

Film Diary 2

This week, Brian Huberman (BH) productions are off in Silver City, New Mexico to continue filming for the work-in-progress, Geronimo Country.

The crew will meet up with Jerry Eagan, explorer and Vietnam War veteran, who is responsible for guiding the filmmakers through all of the Geronimo-country they have seen so far.

This trip, Brian hopes to learn more about Eagan’s past as a volunteer infantrymen in the Vietnam War. Clearly, his experience as a point man, moving through the jungle, on the lookout for “the enemy” has very interesting resonance with the less visible subjects of the film: the Apache Indians, like Geronimo, who once roamed this now fenced landscape freely.

Eagan maintains a website, Hiking Apacheria, which he uses to sell photographs from his treks in this historically signficant landscape.

Jul 09

Film Diary 1

This weekend, BH productions traveled up to Austin for a day to meet friend, Kim Henkel, who introduced us to friends of the late, great Lou Perryman.

Because of Perryman’s tragic death, this film project has become a lot like the previous BH project: John Wayne’s THE ALAMO, which was made after Wayne’s death.

Creating a film about a particular subject, who you cannot film, becomes a strange exercise in exploring negative space: you must go after the people who know your subject best and try to fill in around the empty space their absence has created.

“Lou Perryman” is a film in progress, tracing the life and tall-tales lead by an actor, cult-hero and Texas archetype.

Jul 09

Yoko Ono still a Target

Art critic Reginia Hackett takes her well-worn hatchett to Yoko Ono, who has a piece hanging in the Seattle Art Museum show, Target Practice.

Who says all the gun fighters are gone?

Jul 09

“Bruno” Persona compared to Blackface

In light of the controversial blackface appearance in the newest project, Alligator-Horses, this reference to blackface seems interesting.

“Baron Cohen’s Brüno is a gay minstrel, in the most literal sense of the word. Just as the characters of the burnt-cork vaudevillians had, bound up ineluctably with their dark complexions, traits like being shiftless, lazy, and ‘a-feared of spooks’ as their eyes bugged out in Neanderthal, superstitious terror, Brüno’s homosexuality comes bundled up with a lot of unattractive software.” –David Rakoff

Jul 09

Video is here

See both the filmography and works in progress pages to view short video clips of a selection of Brian’s films.

Geronimo’s Country from Brian Huberman on Vimeo.